Top 10 Things You Can Do to Be Healthy

    Staying healthy is an important part of a successful transition from custody to community. This list can be used as a reminder of important, and often overlooked, things to do to stay healthy.
    Check the "Resources for Top Re-Entry Needs" section to find services to support well-being, including healthcare, nutrition,substance abuse, mental health and housing/shelter resources.

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    1) Have a medical home and regular doctor.
    2) Get screened for cancer.
    3) Prevent heart disease and stroke.
    4) Take care of your sexual health.
    5) Get the vaccines you need (shots).
    6) Have a healthy baby; get prenatal care.
    7) Exercise regularly.
    8) Eat a healthy diet (and maintain a healthy weight).
    9) Check for and limit exposure to heavy metals like lead.
    10) Get help for mental/emotional concerns like depression or anxiety.

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