Helpful Checklists

    Top 10 Things You Can Do for a Successful Re-Entry into the Community
    While each individual's journey will be unique, this is a list of common things to consider to help make the transition from custody to community as smooth as possible.

    10 Tips for Transitioning Well & Maintaining Your Mental/Emotional Health
    Re-entry can be both exciting and frustrating. This list of tips for mental/emotional wellness may help with the transition process. Also, visit the Mental Health Services section of this guide for more resources.

    Top 10 Things You Can Do To Be Healthy
    Staying healthy is an important part of a successful transition from custody to community. This list can be used as a reminder of important, and often overlooked, things to do to stay healthy.
    Check the "Resources for Re-Entry and Other Needs" section to find services to support well-being, including healthcare / nutritionsubstance abusemental health and housing / shelter resources.

    Documents Checklist
    While each agency or program may have different requirements, whatever services one may be applying for, it may be a good idea to have these commonly-required items for each person in the household who needs assistance. Check the "Important Documents" section for links to learn more about and apply for documents like ID cards, Birth Certificates, etc.


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