Tips for Transitioning Well and
    Maintaining Your Mental/Emotional Health

    Re-entry can be both exciting and frustrating.
    This list of tips for mental/emotional wellness may help with the transition process.

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    1) Mentally prepare for the adjustment process. Be prepared for anything!
    2) Give yourself permission to ease into the transition. Allow yourself time to get used to the new environment.
    3) Give yourself time. You’ll need time to relax and reflect upon what is going on around you, how you are reacting to it, and what you might like to change.
    4) Understand that the familiar will seem different. You have changed; home has changed. You will see familiar people, places, and behaviors from new perspectives.
    5) Expect to do some ‘cultural catching up’. Clothes, trends, language, and more have changed, too!
    6) Reserve judgments. Reserve all judgments of others, but especially negative judgments, just as you would like to have others reserve judgments of you. Resist the impulse to make snap decisions.
    7) Expect mood swings. It is entirely possible for you to feel ecstatic one moment and completely defeated a short time later. It’s okay; it is a part of the process.
    8) Allow sufficient time for reflection and self-analysis. Your most valuable analysis of an event is likely to take place after allowing time for reflection.
    9) Respond to inquiries thoughtfully and carefully. Prepare to greet surprise questions with a calm, thoughtful, approach. If you find yourself being overly defensive or aggressive, take a deep breath and relax.
    10) Seek support networks. Don't isolate yourself!

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