Top 10 Things You Can Do for a
    Successful Re-Entry into the Community

    While each individual's journey will be unique, this is a list of common things to consider to help make the transition from custody to community as smooth as possible.The checklist below has been created specifically for those being released from custody in Orange County, CA, and can be used as a starting point to help prepare for the transition from custody to community.

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    Find safe and stable housing.

    Find a stable source of food.

    Learn about transportation options and obtain stable transportation.

    Gather important documents such as birth certificate, social security card, ID card or driver’s license (see the “Documents Checklist” for a quick guide).

    Learn if you qualify for medical coverage and CalFresh (food stamps).

    Go to a One-Stop, job assistance center or employment program for resume assistance and job resources.

    Resolve any child support or legal issues.

    Take care of your medical needs such as prescription refills, dental, vision, physical examination, HIV/STD/Hepatitis testing and treatment.

    Build a positive support system of friends, family, and other helpful people.

    Attend community support meetings, such as AA, NA, Ex-Offender Re-Entry programs and/or faith community meetings.

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