Employment and Education Services

    One-Stop Employment CentersThe Orange County One-Stop Centers provide comprehensive employment and training services, including a Resource Center with access to computers, fax machines, copiers, and telephones. Other services include a resume distribution program; a career resource library, labor market information, networking opportunities, job search workshops, on-site interviews with local employers, transferable skills information, job leads, and training programs. There are programs for youth, older workers, people with disabilities, adults, dislocated workers, Veterans, and TANF recipients.

    Job Assistance Centers - One-stop centers that provide employment and training services. Services may include job counseling, testing and assessment; resume preparation assistance, interview training and other pre-job guidance services; job matching and referral; unemployment insurance and job registration; labor market and career information; information on financial aid for education and training; and referral for job training, transportation, child care, personal and financial counseling, health care and other human services resources in the community.

    Employment Preparation – Programs that provide career counseling, job training, and other services to help people who need information, guidance and/or training in specific job-related skills to make appropriate occupational choices and secure and retain positions that effectively utilize their abilities.

    Adult Education Programs - Programs, usually offered by community adult schools or evening classes at local high schools, that provide instruction in fundamental learning skills for adults who have never attended school or have interrupted formal schooling and need to raise their level of education to increase their self-confidence and/or prepare for an occupation. Emphasis is placed on basic reading, language and mathematics.

    ESL/English as a Second Language Programs - Programs that offer opportunities for non-English-speaking and limited-English-speaking adults to learn listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

    Adult Literacy Programs - Programs that provide reading, writing, speaking, computation and/or problem solving skills for adults who cannot read or write at a functional level with the objective of ensuring that they have the skills necessary to find and keep jobs, support their children's education and participate actively in civic life.

    Employment Discrimination Assistance - Programs that provide assistance for people who believe that they have been denied equal access to employment or that they have been treated unfairly as employees, (for example, that they were sexually harassed or denied equal pay for equal work, passed over for a promotion, denied training opportunities or fired on the basis of their age, gender, race or ethnic origin, nationality, religion, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or military service).

    Public Libraries – Libraries that provide general library services without charge.

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